(4k Ai human)혐오하는 얼굴을 하면서 속옷 보여주는 룩북 A LOOKBOOK that shows a hateful face

while revealing underwear

(4k Ai human)혐오하는 얼굴을 하면서 속옷 보여주는 룩북 A Lookbook that shows a hateful face

There has been a growing concern over the rise of 4k AI humans, who are designed to look and act like real humans. However, a recent lookbook that showcases a hateful face while showing off lingerie has sparked outrage. The images portray a disturbing and offensive representation of human emotion and objectification. Many have criticized the lookbook for promoting negative stereotypes and perpetuating harmful attitudes towards women. It is essential to raise awareness about the potential consequences of AI technology and to ensure that ethical standards are upheld in all aspects of its development and implementation.







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