AI FILM -The Carnival of the Ages – Runway gen2

AI Film – The Ageless Carnival – Runway Generation 2

🎪🎬🌌 The Carnival of the Ages: An AI-Created Film Unveiling a Cinematic Odyssey By way of Time and Room!


I employed DALL_E + Midjourney generations as type reference / to make my shotlist for the scenes, I then set them into Runway Gen2 with a little bit altered text prompts to generate the video clips you see in this movie.

Sound- I utilised Elevenlabs to practice a voice for the narration and ChatGPT to support lessen my concept into a shorter narration.

Im thrilled to share with you a movie that I’ve made applying reducing-edge AI tools that are revolutionizing the video clip-making approach. Of course, you read through that suitable – AI-created video clips are right here, and they’re certainly thoughts-blowing!

As a filmmaker with 15+ decades of experience, I have in no way been extra enthusiastic to be component of these kinds of a pivotal instant in the sector, the place creativeness evolves like under no circumstances just before, and we’re presented a glimpse into the long term options of articles generation and simulated realities!

Escalating up, The Twilight Zone was a substantial inspiration, so I made use of ElevenLabs to educate the AI narration on Westbrook Van Voorhis, who narrated the pilot episode of the sequence. To create the visuals, I generated reference visuals applying OpenAI #dalle2 and Midjourney, constructed my pictures, and then set them into Runway #runwaygen2 to build the videos.

As we undertaking into these uncharted territories, it is important that we join forces, check out these applications together, and push the boundaries of what is achievable! I’m fired up to announce that. I will be launching an AI movie club, bringing alongside one another creatives from about the planet to foster new talent and build groundbreaking filmmaking and storytelling.

So, fellow pioneers of the electronic frontier, let us embrace these improvements and embark on a collective journey to redefine creativeness and reshape the foreseeable future of storytelling!

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